HouseBander: How to succeed at providing for your family.

 by Murice Damion Miller. Book 1

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What You'll Learn

Entrepreneurship, Cooking tips and recipes, Apprenticeship, and how to keep your family covered and protected (spiritually).

If You Can't Get a Job, Create One
Doors might have been shut, but you could create a door for you to open. That is one of the benefits of entrepreneurship.
How to enjoy Cooking
For some cooking is boring or tedious. But what if it could be made fun with an added benefit of providing healthy meals for your family?
Get Experience, Make Connections
Getting involved in an apprenticeship program will help to expand your skills level. Find them, join them, master them, create with them, provide for your family.

Overview of HouseBander

There are resources available to make your goals a reality. I seek to attempt great things and with God's help, those great things are being achieved. You will learn how I did it so that you could do greater things.

Chapter One


Being a HouseBander is a joy, and though it is difficult at times, I will show you how I am accomplishing it and how you can too.

Chapter Two

Spiritual Leader

As a HouseBander, you and I have an awesome task of daily taking our family to God in prayer and also to share with them, in love from God’s word, what He says on how to live our daily lives.

Chapter Three


I believe that cooking should cover three areas. 1. It must look good, 2. It must taste good, and 3. It must be good.

Chapter Four


I now know and understand so much about woodworking that every piece of wood is not just a piece of wood any more. It is a spoon, a fork, a top, a plate, a cutting board, anything I can imagine.

The Testimonials

A few words from our supporters

Justin Wiggins: Moab, UT

If a person is starting a family, this book is a must have.

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About The Author

Murice Damion Miller

Murice Damion Miller  is a husband, a father, and an entrepreneur, described as having a real talent for creativity, innovation and accomplishment. He currently lives in Moab, Utah, and is an intern with the Moab Small Business Development Center and with the Moab Sun News. Murice also works with KCYN 97.1 FM as an advertising account executive. There, he helps small businesses gain exposure through advertising and a new program that is being developed titled, "MoabStartups."

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